"At the end of your life, it won't be your mistakes, fears or failures that will cause bitter regrets, but everything you failed to do, say, tell, fight, believe, love."

- ivan bittencourt jr


I Was Wanting To Love
Limited special edition

To open this book is to enter my private universe. From my first literary text to the most profound text. From the happiest to those who made me cry. A little about everything, my life, my faith, my loves, my beliefs, going through the remarkable phases of what I saw, heard and felt.
From unpublished texts written in adolescence to those posted first on the Christian blog Pra Fora da Caixa of which I was a part, even all the specials, poetic, romantic or just outburst posted on my blog during the last years, which has already had more than thirty thousand hits . But we are not just in the texts, they are not just words on sheets of paper, they jump from there to our day-to-day lives, they make you uncomfortable, they inspire you, but they also challenge you, and if that is still not enough, too there's an unpublished text about you here. Wanting to love is a journey, or rather, just the beginning of a journey of a writer who seeks to find everything in love. I've been wanting to love since I was born: God, parents, sisters, friends, great love and every sunny or cloudy day.
ISBN 9788569240129
180 Pages - Editora Odisséia
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